Jawbone Icon Era Micro USB Charger Bluetooth

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  • Jawbone Icon Era  Micro USB Charger Bluetooth
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Recharge your Jawbone Bluetooth Headset anywhere with the Aliph Jawbone Micro USB Wall Charger.
Simply plug the Aliph Jawbone Micro USB Wall Charger into an available outlet and connect it to your Jawbone. You will enjoy a fast charge whether you're at home, the office, or on the go. The Jawbone charger is made specifically to match the specific requirements of Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, and satisfy the most demanding customer.

Compatibility Icon - Hero, Icon - Rogue, Icon - Thinker, Icon - Ace, Icon - Catch, Icon - Bombshell, Icon - Earwear Cashmere, Icon - Earwear Denim, Icon - Earwear Mesh, Icon - Earwear Suede, Era Shadowbox, Era Smokescreen, Era Midnight, Era Silver Lining

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