Blackberry Storm Leather Swivel Holster

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  • Blackberry Storm Leather  Swivel Holster
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Blackberry 9500 Swivel Holster (Storm)

The Leather Swivel Holsters are outfitted with a swivel clip to adjust the holster for maximum wearing comfort. For some smartphones, they also include special indentations that snuggly protect your smartphone's trackball.A durable leather exterior protects the device, while its soft interior safeguards and cleans the screen. The magnetic proximity sensor tells your BlackBerry smartphone when you've put it away - so it can automatically switch off the screen and preserve your battery life. The sensor can also work with your device to enable it to switch notification settings depending on if your device is in or out of the case.

  • Proximity-sensing technology: Saves power and maximizes battery life by automatically shutting off the screen


  • Can activate different notification settings for incoming calls, emails and other functions based on in-holster and out-of-holster profiles


  • Luxurious and durable exterior


  • Swivel clip opens wide and rotates


  • Magnetic closure BlackBerry holster


Blackberry Storm 9500 , Blackberry Storm 9550,9520,9530


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