Fitbit Surge GPS Activity Tracking Watch (Large)

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  • Fitbit Surge GPS Activity Tracking Watch (Large)
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Fitbit Surge GPS Activity Tracking Watch (Large)


Fitbit Surge is the tracker that keeps pace with your active lifestyle, partnering with you in everything from runs to cycling. With GPS tracking it's easy to see the ground you've covered, with distance, run time, pace and elevation displayed on its touchscreen LCD. PurePulse Heart Rate provides a continuous and automatic measure of your heart rate on your wrist, allowing you to monitor it during exercise and other activities. 

Having multi-sport functionality, Fitbit Surge gives you comprehensive workout summaries to help you stay on top of all of your activities. Keep track of every aspect of your training, viewing your performance from your weekly basketball game, kickboxing workouts and steeply-inclined hikes. To help keep your body charged and ready to go, the Fitbit Surge also allows you to automatically monitor the amount of sleep you have and wakes you with a silent, vibrating alarm. 

Syncing Fitbit Surge with your computer or smartphone makes it easy to track trends through detailed charts and graphs, allowing you to note progress and make more effective goals. In addition to tracking your fitness and sleep habits, Fitbit Surge helps you to manage your life by displaying the time of day and syncing with your mobile devices to show call and text notifications. You can also keep your days moving to the pulse of your choosing with music control from your wrist. Fitbit Surge has an impressive battery life that lasts longer than competing trackers, going strong for 7 days without needing to recharge, with its GPS Battery lasting up to 10 hours.

  • GPS Tracking: Fitbit Surge keeps you on pace by displaying the stats for your run time, distance travelled, pace and elevation.
  • Monitor Your Heart Rate: Wrist-based heart rate monitor displays continuous, automatic heart rate information to keep track of calories burned and have the most effective workouts.
  • Multi-Sport Tracking: Track everything you do from cross-training to cardio with comprehensive workout summaries.
  • Keep Track of Your Progress: Wirelessly sync your Fitbit Surge to computers and smartphones to review charts and graphs of your stats.
  • Touchscreen LCD: View your daily stats along with the time of day. Receive call and text notifications. Control music from your wrist.
  • Get the Sleep You Need: Automatically monitor the amount of sleep you're getting and wake with a silent alarm.
  • Long Battery Life: Fitbit Surge has an up to 7 day battery life and GPS battery lasting up to 10 hours, longer than competing devices.
  • Mobile Device App: Syncing to your mobile device with the Fitbit App and Dashboard allows you to view progress and trends through charts and graphs. Make goals, log workouts and compete with your friends and family through the leaderboard. Keep track of food intake with its barcode scanner, calorie estimator and other helpful tools.

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