Logitech G G502 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

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  • Logitech G G502 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse
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Logitech G G502 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse 

Key Features
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz Connectivity
  • 25,600 dpi HERO Sensor
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB Lighting
  • POWERPLAY Wireless Charging
  • Adjustable Weight System
  • Compatible with Multiple Platforms

Building off the original G502's popularity, Logitech's G502 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse is designed to offer a similar experience, but now wirelessly. It utilizes Logitech's HERO 25K sensor, which has a dpi range of up to 25,600 for reliable tracking, and 11 programmable buttons with support for custom commands. Moreover, its scroll wheel can be unlocked for hyper-fast scrolling if needed. Aesthetics-wise, the G502 LIGHTSPEED has two zones of customizable LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting. Its built-in battery can last up 48 hours with default lighting and 60 hours without lighting. When it's running low, five minutes of charging can provide up to 2.5 hours of use. Users should install the Logitech G Hub software to unlock its full potential and to access customization options.

Mechanical Switch Button Tensioning
The G502 LIGHTSPEED's left and right buttons are designed to deliver a crisp, clean click feel, rapid click feedback, and durability.
11 Programmable Buttons
Assign custom commands and macros in the Logitech Gaming Software. The buttons are strategically positioned for quick fingertip control.
DPI Cycle
Cycle through your preferred DPI settings with a single click.
Customizable RGB Lighting
Choose from approximately 16.8 million colors with LIGHTSYNC technology within the Logitech Gaming Software.
Balance and Weight Tuning
Four 2g and two 4g weights are included and let you customize mouse weight and balance for just the right feel.
HERO 25K Sensor
Logitech has built this mouse with a HERO sensor, which is designed to deliver precision tracking up to 25,600 dpi with zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration.
POWERPLAY Wireless Charging
The G502 LIGHTSPEED is POWERPLAY compatible, which enables it to charge wirelessly with the optional POWERPLAY mousepad.



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