Motorola SYN0707 Car Charger

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  • Motorola SYN0707 Car Charger
  • Motorola SYN0707 Car Charger
  • Motorola SYN0707 Car Charger
  • Motorola SYN0707 Car Charger
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Motorola SYN0707/ 98580/ 98548 Lighted Car Charger replaces Motorola 98307/ SYN0780/ SYN7818 Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plug.
  • Perfect for Motorola CE Bus/ Nextel CE Bus type connector cellular phone models.
  • New illuminated Motorola logo, indicates power is made from socket to phone.
  • Automatic resetting Fusealso means there's no need to ever replace a fuse!
  • Motorola SYN0707/ 98580/ 98548 quickly plugs into your car 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter adapter for a rapid battery charge to keep your cellular battery in top operating condition.
  • This Motorola SYN0707/ 98580/ 98548 rapid car charger/ cigarette lighter adapterimmediately operates your Motorola 120/ 120C/ 120E/ 120T/ 120X/ 270C/ 280/ A630/ A830/ A835/ A845/ A920/ C331/ C332 (TDMA)/ C333 (CDMA)/ C343A/ C343C/ C350/ C353/ C370/ C650 (TDMA)/ E310/ E1000/ E815/ MP/ MPX/ MPX220/ P280/ ROKR/ T300P/ T720/ T720C/ T720G/ T720I/ T720TI/ T721/ T722I/ T725/ T725E/ T730/ T731/ T2200/ V60/ V60C/ V60P/ V60G/ V60I/ V60CI/ V60IC/ V60GI/ V60TI/ V60P/ V60P/ V60P/ V60S/ V60T/ V60T COLOR/ V60V/ V60X/ V66/ V70/ V80/ V180/ V188/ V200/ V220/ V260/ V262/ V265/ V300/ V400/ V400P/ V500/ V505/ V525/ V551/ V555/ V600/ V620/ V690/ V710/ V810/ V878/ V2200 and Nextel (CE Bus type connectors) I30/ I30SX/ I35/ I35S/ I50/ I50SX/ I55/ I55SR/ I58/ I58sr/ I60c/ I80/ I85/ I85S/ I88/ I88S/ I90/ I90C/ I95/ I95CL cellular phone, when attached to a good battery.
  • Motorola SYN0707/ 98580/ 98548 Battery charging coiled cord extends up to 2.3 meters long.
  • Approximate weight 4.3oz, and measures 86mm long by 35mm round.
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