Motorola SYN8419 2.5mm Hands free with Send/ End button

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  • Motorola SYN8419 2.5mm Hands free with Send/ End button
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Motorola SYN8419/ 98309, Hands free Ear bud Style Headset with One touch Send & End button on a 2.5 mm audio connector!
  • Motorola SYN8419/ 98309 hands free, 2.5 mm universal, ear bud style headset is specifically designed to fit Motorola 2.5 mm cell phone models!
  • Genuine Motorola Factory original Motorola SYN8419/ 98309 headset weighs less than 1 ounce!
  • Rubberized ear-bud headsetdesign fits snugly into the outer ear canal!
  • In-line microphone/ mic reduces background noise, & increases the volume & clarity of your voice.
  • Also has a miniature shirt clip to keep the cord in place.
  • Molded 2.5 mm audio plugis integrated in-line, to eliminate static connections.
  • Send & End button can also initiate Voice-dialon voice-dial equipped cell phone models.
  • Drive more safely with both hands on the wheel!
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