Nokia HS-5 Ear Piece Headset

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  • Nokia HS-5 Ear Piece Headset
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The Nokia Ear Piece Headset HS-5 is an original (OEM) ear piece headset that is made by Nokia. This earpiece has a collar clip where it will allow you to have a safe handsfree conversation. The static free noise reduction earpiece will send a clear quality sound to the other end. This original Nokia ear piece is the only ear piece that will work properly with your Nokia device.

The Nokia Ear Piece Headset HS-5, manufactured by Nokia is compatible with the following phone models: Nokia 6133, Nokia 6126, Nokia 6236i, Nokia 6103, Nokia 6102i, Nokia 2128i, Nokia 9300, Nokia 6101, Nokia 6102, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6255i, Nokia 3220, Nokia 6016i, Nokia 6015i, Nokia 2270, Nokia 2285, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3200, Nokia 3300, Nokia 3570, Nokia 3585, Nokia 3586i, Nokia 3587i, Nokia 5100, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6086, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6165i, Nokia 6200, Nokia 6225, Nokia 6275i, Nokia 6560, Nokia 6585, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6800, Nokia 6820, Nokia 7210, Nokia 9500, Nokia 7250, Nokia E61 and Nokia N75 phone models.

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