RIM BlackBerry headset HDW-12420-001

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  • RIM BlackBerry headset HDW-12420-001
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With the Blackberry HDW-12420-001 hands-free earbud headset you can talk on the phone, play games or listen to songs. It's lightweight and comfortable, and has been designed to cut out wind and background noise to make sure you get the great sound quality when you're on the move.

The HDW-12420-001 headset features an easy-to-use in line button control, so you can answer, end or mute phone calls, and pause or play music, all with a single touch. Additional controls on your phone allow you to rewind, fast forward, skip between songs, change volume and more. The cord also features a miniature clip to keep it positioned in place so it doesn't get in your way while on-the-go.

Product Specification:

  • RIM Blackberry HDW-12420-001 hands free, ear bud style headset is specifically designed to fit RIM Blackberry 5810/ 5820/ 6210/ 6230/ 6280/ 6510/ 6710/ 6750/ 7100/ 7105/ 7130c/ 7130g/ 7130e/ 7210/ 7230/ 7280/ 7250/ 7270/ 7290/ 7520/ 7270/ 7290/ 7520/ 7730/ 7750/ 7780/ 8100/ Pearl/ 8700c/ 8700f/ 8700g/ 8700r/ 8700v/ 8703e/ 8705g/ 8800/ 8820/ 8830 cell phone models!
  • Rubberized ear-bud headset design fits snugly into the outer ear canal!
  • In-line microphone/ mic reduces background noise, & increases the volume & clarity of your voice.
  • Also has a miniature shirt clip to keep the cord in place.
  • Molded audio plug is integrated in-line, to eliminate static connections.
  • Send & End button can also initiate Voice-dial on voice-dial equipped cell phone models.
  • Drive more safely with both hands on the wheel!
  • Manufacturer Part# : HDW-12420-001

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