SuperTooth Voice Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Car-Kit

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  • SuperTooth Voice Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Car-Kit
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SuperTooth Voice is a Bluetooth handsfree kitthat supports headset or handsfree profile phones. This speakerphone car kit features Full DSP Noise Cancellation/Echo Cancellation. Thus, it provides an advanced audioquality. This visor car kit is designed for easy handsfree operation andsuperior performance. This kit includes a Text-To-Speech system. The voiceannounces instructions for the users in 6 differentlanguages. The speakerphone indicates the status of the Bluetoothdevice and it announces the name (or phone number ifcontact not loaded to kit) of the incoming caller! Special Features: * Bluetooth hands-free kit version 2.0 * Quick fixation on sun visor via metal clip * Headset and hands-free profiles * Text To Speech : says the name or the number of the personwho is calling * Automatic phone book transfer * Full Duplex * DSP * Operating range : 10 meters * Frequency : 2.4 GHz * Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery * Voice recognition dialling (if phone supports) * Last call redial * Reject incoming call * Talk time : 15 hours * Stand-by time : 800 hours * Charging time : 3 hours

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